NATURE, INSPIRATION FOR ART & DESIGN reveals a diverse range of projects from different creative art and design camps which have taken their inspiration from any of nature’s elements.

Many of the projects included in this book clearly play an aesthetic role

whilst others, on the contrary, have been purposely created to transmit a message. Artists and designers the world over have found Nature to be the greatest source of inspiration for their designs and works of art.The selected projects have all taken their inspiration from animal and plant kingdoms, natural phenomenon and even elements from what are understood to be 'Still lifes'.

As it says in the popular famous quote, 'Nature is wise' and it’s for this reason that artists and designers find her a major source of inspiration since only 'Mother Nature' offers such an infinite range of colours, shapes, textures and effects.   

-Fabiola Reyes, Editor, Nature, Inspiration for Art & Design


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